Elevating crew Vetting Standards Within The Maritime & Private Household sectors

Establishing Enhanced Yacht Crew Vetting procedures as the Industry's Minimum Requirement

Verifying Integrity

Ensuring Compliance

Offering Peace of mind


Navigating Excellence

Ensuring Safety, Integrity, And Professionalism For Your Yacht Crew And Household Staff Members.

Safety & Risk Mitigation

Ensure the safety of yacht crew members, passengers and assets by identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with crew members.

Crew Integrity & Compliance

Conducting comprehensive background checks to validate yacht crew members' qualifications, experience, eligibility to work, and adherence to employment laws.

Cultural Alignment

Foster a harmonious environment by ensuring your yacht crew members align with the values and culture of the yacht and its clientele.

Reputation Management

Safeguarding the reputation of the yacht, its owners and yacht managers through upholding yacht crew integrity and legal compliance.

Incident Prevention

Mitigate the risk of incidents caused by unqualified or unfit yacht crew members through comprehensive crew vetting procedures.

Longevity & Peace of Mind

Enhance yacht crew retention, minimize turnover, and offer peace of mind to yacht owners, charter guests, and crew members.


InnovativeVetting Solutions Onshore & Offshore 

Discover Safe Sail’s tailored crew Vetting Solutions which extend globally, ensuring reliability & Confidence.

Featured Solutions

Basic Level Screening

By Validating the candidate’s identity, including the accuracy and authenticity of their provided biographical information and passport details.

Research of the national criminal court records, law enforcement records, and/or government sources.

Research and analysis of the candidates’ digital footprint, online activities, special interests and behaviour; via the analysis of their social media profiles and media articles.

Know Your Crew Member

Basic Level+

By Verifying the candidate’s provided professional certificates via Safe Sail’s trusted partner’s and the awarding bodies data bases.

By verifying and assessing the candidate’s previous experience, skills and character.

Standard Level Screening

Basic Level+

Research of the national official civil court records, regulatory databases, and relevant media reports.

Screening candidates credit records, bankruptcies, country court judgements (CCJ), and individual voluntary arrangements (IVA).

Enhanced Level Screening

Standard Level+

By Researching local and international commercial registries, corporate databases and offshore company records.

By researching multiple national and international regulatory and sanctions lists (The research encompasses various compliance regulations and acts, including the US Patriot Act, sanctions, KYC, PEP, AML, anti-corruption laws like FCPA, CFT, and the UKBA.)

By researching, identifying and verifying the candidates’ provided addresses via credit sources and the electoral roll register.

By Verifying the candidate’s provided professional certificates via Safe Sail’s trusted partner’s and the awarding bodies data bases.

By verifying and assessing the candidate’s previous experience, skills and character.

The process

Empowering Decision-Making Processes through Actionable Intelligence 

Safe Sail’s process of services is designed to be a seamless three-step journey, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every stage of the vetting process, from instruction to provision.

1. Instruction

Instruct us to conduct the screening level you require, and provide the following details and documents for your candidate.

  1. A Safe Sail consent form signed by your crew member.
  2. A valid copy of their passport.
  3. Residency Information.

*Additional details may be requested depending on the jurisdiction’s requirements.

2. Process Initiation

The Integrity team begins the initial stages of the vetting procedure and intelligence cycle.

  1. Planning & Direction
  2. Collection
  3. Processing 
  4. Analysis & Production
  5. Dissemination
3. Report provision

Upon completion, our team conducts a comprehensive peer-reviewed analysis to produce a high-quality report, including any recommendations or concerns identified during the process.

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